Implementation Plan

Below you will find the ACORN Implementation Plan, you can also download an MS WORD version here (ACORN Implementation Plan).


Cover Sheet

Name _____________________


Date of submission ___________


Check List

Section A- Introduction-Needs/ Selection/Objectives












Section B

___b.1 Budget

___b.2 budget Description


Section C- Mini Proposal









Place Based Inquiry: ACORN Project

Implementation Plan

Required by ACORN Campuses

2014-2015 Academic Year


Section A- Needs/Selection/Objectives- 10 Points





Targeted grade level (s)

Targeted Student Population i.e. grade level, club, special population (GT/ ELL/ SpEd)

a.2 Select a minimum of one ACORN Program to implement and monitor starting fall 2014

-Tree Grid to Plant and Monitor

-Way Station to monitor plants and pollinators

-Band a Native Tree on Campus

-Water shed to monitor

a.3 Extension- My students will participate in the NASA Soil, Moisture, and Atmosphere Project (SMAP).  Yes   No

a.4 State why you selected this Acorn Program? Include the following:

-Needs -Student Needs/ Targeted TEKS/Curb Appeal

-Intellectual Merit – How does your involvement contribute to the scientific community/research? –

-Broad Impact -How will the ACORN Project develop land stewardship for students, parents, and the community?

a.5 List 3-5 Objectives that are related to needs and intellectual merit that can be measured

a.6 Make a list of protocols necessary and the equipment needed for the ACORN Program you have selected


Protocol Equipment you have Equipment you need Equipment you can barrow

a.7 Who is on your ACORN Implementation TEAM? Complete the table including who is submitting the student data collected and how often the data will be collected/recorded


Key Personnel Grade Level/TEKS Responsibilities


a.8 Show your Google Earth map of your campus and show the location of your ACORN site.

a.9 Check to confirm your Site Description for ACORN database is posted.

a.10 Provide the ACORN Program Timeline for 2014-2015


Date Activity Objective Met by (code #(s)


            Section B- Budget and Budget Description – 5 Points

b.1 Budget Proposal


Budget Item with code Budget Cost


b.2 Budget Description Narrative


Budget Description Narrative

            Section C- Mini-Grant 10 Points


c.1 List who will be your Advocate(s) for the ACORN Program (i.e. principal, peers, time, funding, space, OLLU, central office), and how they will advocate for you.

c.2 List who/what will be your Barriers/Challenges (i.e. principal, peers, time, funding, space, central office), and what types of challenges might be presented.

c.3 Write a 150 word abstract of your mini grant

c.4 Answer “How will you maintain or continue the ACORN Project for 2015-2016”?

c.5 Describe how you will enhance and modify the ACORN Project for the second year.

c.6 Attach your Mini Grant Proposal

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