ACORN Training

Area Children Organized to Replant Natives (ACORN) is a Place-Based Inquiry Project that addresses intermediate and middle school students collecting data to address drought problems and urban sprawl near or at their campus.

The STM/ISTM will learn protocols on water, soil, atmosphere, and landcover which they apply to one or more of the following projects:

(1) Tree Grids (planting and monitoring native tress and shrubs);

(2) Tree Banding (monitoring the growth of mature native tree);

(3) Way Stations (planting and monitor native pollinator garden or prairie; and

(4) Water Shed (monitoring the health of pond, creek, or river).


Each STM/ISTM will be ACORN and Texas Stream Team Certified on the various equipment, protocols, and website. Each STM/ISTM will keep an e-journal on the institute and propose an implementation plan on how they are using the institute in their class and with others. Each participant will receive protocols equipment plus a Smart Scope.

Place Based Inquiry includes: observation protocol certification for Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Geosphere, and Biosphere; all Process TEKS & 8(9C); Investigating interconnections between earth & biological systems, 8(10A-B,11B-D); tree grids/way stations – using biology to control erosion, 8(9C); Impacts of climate and weather patterns, 8(9C,10A-C,11C); Atmosphere 101, 8(10A-C); Stream Team Certification, 8(9C,11A&B); ACORN datacenter; campus implementation plans

Peggy Carnahan will be the instructor as well as GLOBE/ACORN certified trainers: Augustine Frkuska, Kent Page, Robert Burleson, Vivian Burleson, and Peggy Hand. Hill Country/San Antonio Master Naturalists are providing speakers, and providing feed-back on campus student data. Texas Stream Team is certifying the water protocols. The two-week institute

  • May 16 (Saturday) Orientation, (8 hrs)
  • August 7- Teaching Poverty Students co-hosted with ESC 20 —AM only (4 Hrs)
  • There will be four ACORN Meetings during the academic year

See Academic Year Responsibilities

Academic Year Responsibilities

Schedule  * @OLLU       ** @campus

Dates Description
February-March *Complete Application for Earth Science Institute, Earth and space Systems (graduate course) or ACORN Project
OrientationRequired *Earth Science Institute- May 2 (Saturday – 1 day)Earth and Space Systems –May 9 (Saturday-1 Day)ACORN Project –May 16 (Saturday – 1 Day)
August 7AM Only       *Teaching Poverty Students –co-sponsored with ESC 20administration (4 hrs)
August-September **Complete the NSTA Learning Center: Earth Sciences with the campus/grade level
August -October *Work with the Earth Science Round Robin PDA trainer to present the two-day Earth Science Round Robin at their district in-service or Super Saturdays during the fall  include campus/grade level
August **Review 2015  8th Grade Science STAAR Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level;     Previous year’s data (3 hrs)
Sept-Nov **Review Fall 2015  8th Grade Science Benchmark Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level  (2 hrs)
Dec- Feb **Review Spring  2016  8th Grade Science Benchmark Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level  (2 hrs)
Summer 2015-Spring 2016 PDOptional Making Sense of Student Work Protocols, 10/27/15 or 3/2/16Making Sense of Student Work Protocols, 10/27/15 or 3/2/16Argument Driven Inquiry, 7/22/15

SIOP strategies for ELL teaching  6/ 29-2015

April *Retake TRC Content Exam, and National Survey of Science and Mathematics
May-June *When paper work is completed and STAAR data is reported, stipends will be given to STMs/ISTMs

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