Earth Science Institute

This institute addresses all the required TEKS in 6 days. It has a blend of content knowledge, lab and field experiences, and professional websites. The Scobee Education at San Antonio College will provide STEM Challenger Training and planetarium sessions on the universe. There is a field trip to Canyon Lake Gorge demonstrating upper and lower Glenn Rose formations. Each teacher will keep an e-journal on the institute and propose an implementation plan on how they are using the institute in their class and with others.

TEKS Focuses: Topographic Maps 8(9C); Scobey Planetarium certification, 8(7b,8A), Hubbles Law, “Standard Candles”, Age of Universe Using Electromagnetic Spectrum, Herztsprung-Russell Diagram, 8(8A,C,D); Weathering Systems: Weathering processes 8(9C); Erosion agents 8(9C,10A); Erosion Systems: Erosion processes 8(9C,10A); Ocean Systems: Surface- and deep-currents; Water temperature and climate 8(10C); Weather systems: Interpreting weather maps 8(10B&C).

Dr. Robert Freed is the Geology Professor, Margaret Freed and Paul Schmitchel will assistant. Each teacher will receive maps, Roadside Geology book, etc ($100 materials, CEU credits).The 6 day is limited to 40 STMs/ISTMS

  • May 2 (Saturday) Orientation, (8 hrs)
  • August 7- Teaching Poverty Children, co-hosted with ESC 20

See Academic Year Responsibilities

Academic Year Responsibilities

Schedule  * @OLLU       ** @campus

Dates Description
February-March *Complete Application for Earth Science Institute, Earth and space Systems (graduate course) or ACORN Project
OrientationRequired *Earth Science Institute- May 2 (Saturday – 1 day)Earth and Space Systems –May 9 (Saturday-1 Day)ACORN Project –May 16 (Saturday – 1 Day)
August 7AM Only       *Teaching Poverty Students –co-sponsored with ESC 20administration (4 hrs)
August-September **Complete the NSTA Learning Center: Earth Sciences with the campus/grade level
August -October *Work with the Earth Science Round Robin PDA trainer to present the two-day Earth Science Round Robin at their district in-service or Super Saturdays during the fall  include campus/grade level
August **Review 2015  8th Grade Science STAAR Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level;     Previous year’s data (3 hrs)
Sept-Nov **Review Fall 2015  8th Grade Science Benchmark Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level  (2 hrs)
Dec- Feb **Review Spring  2016  8th Grade Science Benchmark Data and discus instructional modifications with campus/grade level  (2 hrs)
Summer 2015-Spring 2016 PDOptional Making Sense of Student Work Protocols, 10/27/15 or 3/2/16Making Sense of Student Work Protocols, 10/27/15 or 3/2/16Argument Driven Inquiry, 7/22/15SIOP strategies for ELL teaching  6/ 29-2015
April *Retake TRC Content Exam, and National Survey of Science and Mathematics
May-June *When paper work is completed and STAAR data is reported, stipends will be given to STMs/ISTMs


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